WWE Mayhem - NXT Wargames Pay Per View Farming Stream, Let's Go Eevee around 10:30pm EST

For those of you who are unaware, WWE Mayhem has made farming 2 Star cases, 1 Star cases, and Gold, extremely easy, especially with the increase of Energy from 25, to 16+(1 Level up to 40), then 1 per 2 levels, up to 70 Energy at Level 70, at my level, I have 67 Energy. This allows us a much easier path to farming these cases to obtain the women we are missing, along with 1 Star Cena, and 2 Star Shelton Benjamin. We are only missing four 3 Stars that are not Women, and that one will be harder since you cannot farm 3 Star cases easily. I really hope Reliancegames continues to support constant farming in the game.
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