Watch Live PPV- WWE/UFC🤼‍♂️ including 24/7 Live Streams Firestick/FireTV 👍

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***This is another option to watch***

This video link below is an alternate ways how you can stream free Live PPV Events. Hope it's helpful🙂
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In this video I will show how to stream for Live PPV for free Like UFC/WWE including all sports to stream live 24/7. on a Firestick/FireTV
Live Sports Stream
You will also need an ad blocker
and from your firestick/firetv
you also need to install Downloader and Silk Web Browser

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gunshy31 - 8 months ago
Hi guys this still works. Also just keep in mind that if you have a VPN, Blokada will not work. Also please subscribe to my new channel Gunshy ASMR as this will be my new home thank you in advance.
Trumpet Abe
Trumpet Abe - 4 months ago
Yung Cy it was working at first for some reason it was just buffering a lot tonight for Extreme Rules
Yung Cy
Yung Cy - 4 months ago
@Trumpet Abe it wont work for me now does wwe work for I
Trumpet Abe
Trumpet Abe - 4 months ago
gunshy31 , I have been searching for many years to find an app, that truly works for sports. You have done it ,Thank you Mrs.Gunshy31, you truly Rock.
Roger Wagner
Roger Wagner - 5 months ago
Blokada the same as IP Vanish ?
nick erika Garcia
nick erika Garcia - 6 months ago
gunshy31 you sound so sexy sweety but this does not work
Mike M.
Mike M. - Month ago
Ur great
alva sandoval
alva sandoval - Month ago
i was looking for mma these comments saved me my time thanks
Carlos Pagan
Carlos Pagan - 2 months ago
Awesome it worked!!! Thank You so much
Andre Brown
Andre Brown - 2 months ago
Does it work on a android?
Ismael Ortiz
Ismael Ortiz - 2 months ago
Is this still up and working
gunshy31 - 2 months ago
Unfortunately, it stopped working. In the description below this video I have another option you can try.
Tim Lesperance
Tim Lesperance - 3 months ago
I did everything u said to go when I went to 720p stream it kept asking for a email sign in to watch the live pay per view on mms today
Steven Ricciardi
Steven Ricciardi - 3 months ago
Does this still work? UFC PPVs also?
gunshy31 - 3 months ago
This method unfortunately is not working. You can try this recommended version and skip the options that works best for you. Hope this helps.
KyokoKing Mua
KyokoKing Mua - 3 months ago
Every time I click on ufc it take me to the live page and and than ask me to create an account. What am I doing wrong?
T. Miles
T. Miles - 3 months ago
Wow this must be an old video because it's not working, it shows a lot of YouTube crap. So I'm not a subscriber and you get a thumbs down for wasting my time. Remember if it's an old video or the link has changed then remove your video.
1986Glory - 3 months ago
Your voice is sexy
82MacMiller - 4 months ago
It didnt show anything, it just keeps add
Joe Salazar
Joe Salazar - 4 months ago
Thank you so much sexy voice lady. 😁
Richard Brenyah
Richard Brenyah - 4 months ago
Where I'm confused is when you turn in Blokada, it wants to set up a VPN connection but I already have ExpressVPN so does that mean I've to turn off ExpressVPN so that Blokada turns on it's own VPN since I cannot use two VPNS at the same time
gunshy31 - 4 months ago
That's correct.. unfortunately you need to turn off your current VPN in order to use blokada.
Yung Cy
Yung Cy - 4 months ago
It don't work anymore does anybody got a better site that i can use I'm tryong to wat h wwe pay per view and missing it
Devin G
Devin G - 5 months ago
Also why when I exited silk is it now just a BING search engine I can’t get back to the first silk menus
Devin G
Devin G - 5 months ago
Not working for tonight’s UFC please help
KEL_THE_SLACKER - 5 months ago
Holy shit it worked! Lol thank you. Sub,like, bell coming your way!!
Karen Harris
Karen Harris - 5 months ago
works great thanks....
Rack Em
Rack Em - 5 months ago
are you getting the fights on there ?
Ricky Water
Ricky Water - 5 months ago
I forgot y I was here until I heard her voice
DAVID SMITH - 5 months ago
I came here to watch ppvs but instead I’m getting turned on by your seductive voice
Robert Moran
Robert Moran - 5 months ago
On my firestick my web browser doesnt look nothing like that
Vinylman65 - 6 months ago
I did all that you said but at the end it's asking me to sign up and wants my credit card information. I learned a long time ago not to ever do that again! Waste of my time!
gunshy31 - 6 months ago
No its incorrect you're probably doing the steps all wrong.
C. B. Harris Jr.
C. B. Harris Jr. - 6 months ago
Thank you, Love!!! I Love UFC!
Andrew Macias
Andrew Macias - 3 months ago
Lmk if it still works I'm about to download this for the next fight on the 7th
Cheyenne Church
Cheyenne Church - 6 months ago
Must be older cause not working on my firestick 4k. Get all way to video but won't play the video. Says it's blocked
Mario Puente
Mario Puente - 6 months ago
gunshy31 - 6 months ago
The J0KER Earth 82
The J0KER Earth 82 - 6 months ago
Dude you can turn that blakada notification off
The J0KER Earth 82
The J0KER Earth 82 - 6 months ago
This bitches voice is annoying
Jordan Tabak
Jordan Tabak - 6 months ago
Will this work for the aew wrestling ppv tonight
Jordan Tabak
Jordan Tabak - 6 months ago
Blake Gravett
Blake Gravett - 6 months ago
That's why I'm here lol.