The Royal Rumble Match by the numbers

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Get the most important statistics, facts and figures before the 2019 Royal Rumble pay-per-view, streaming live this Sunday at 7 ET/4 PT on WWE Network.
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Brenton Taylor
Brenton Taylor - 21 hour ago
The two people to win the Royal Rumble from the No. 1 Position are Shawn Michaels and *[REDACTED]*
Undisputed Fan
Undisputed Fan - Day ago
the fact that GRR counts (it should NOT) is a sin on its own. Thankfully they'll forget it next year.
kirb/kerbe boi
kirb/kerbe boi - 10 days ago
santino didn’t last a second, 2 seconds actually
DragonBoyGaming ,
DragonBoyGaming , - 11 days ago
"Witter "
Mac Is underrated
Mac Is underrated - 13 days ago
Technically winning in the 1st place is as common as after triple h.
Shawn Michaels:1
Vince Mchmaon:2
Mr. we don’t mention him:1
Rey mysterio:2
Błüę- Mįßt
Błüę- Mįßt - 19 days ago
These ads at the start fam it’s annoying!
Michelle Videos
Michelle Videos - Month ago
Can I get a Hell Ya
Slade Vincent
Slade Vincent - 2 months ago
Kofi Kingston Is The Royal Rumble Master
Omega - 2 months ago
0:36 Shows André The Giant Memorial Battle Royal 😂
Beastslayer 505
Beastslayer 505 - 3 months ago
Congrats on 48 million
Paul Kulish
Paul Kulish - 4 months ago
Rfyst Seth
Bluestrike12 - 4 months ago
Bring CM Punk bacc pls
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin - 4 months ago
Greatest royal rumble should have been greatest battle royal because Braun got no title shot but he got trophies??? Andre the giant battle royal you get a trophy 😂
Alex Nesbitt
Alex Nesbitt - Month ago
Stone Cold Steve Austin 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
The Card opener
The Card opener - 4 months ago
I don’t get it when someone enters at number 30 and wins and they say
He wen through 29 other men to win
Kossi Adanke
Kossi Adanke - 4 months ago
Koffi the best interna in the world
nintendo freak fan
nintendo freak fan - 4 months ago
Apparently there wasn't a 2004 Royal Rumble
VENOMOUS SNIPER - 4 months ago
They forgot the 2004 royal Rumble winner in the video
Angie Rogers
Angie Rogers - 6 months ago
I cannot wait for the royal rumble
Lal Babu
Lal Babu - 7 months ago
Jennifer Gilley
Jennifer Gilley - 7 months ago
I love you guys
Marco Havok
Marco Havok - 8 months ago
How much proof do y'all need that Titus fall was a work.
Michelle Videos
Michelle Videos - 8 months ago
I loved but almost lost my voice by screaming burn it down so loud
The Bauer Boy
The Bauer Boy - 8 months ago
Is this real
Tommaso Curci
Tommaso Curci - 8 months ago
Where is benoit
BADRUUN Ganbold - 9 months ago
What about the three winners from number 1?
Shamim Baig
Shamim Baig - 10 months ago
Great fighting
Franco gaming
Franco gaming - 10 months ago
Hi guys I'm Seamus
Kenzo boy
Kenzo boy - 10 months ago
6 days 1.7m views
Fernando López
Fernando López - 10 months ago
Named all the Nations
Samuel Gibson
Samuel Gibson - 10 months ago
Has the 2008 royal rumble been taken down or unlisted if unlisted send me the link pls