☎️Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman 🔥Live PPV Fight Chat💬

Boxing's only eight-division World Champion Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao battles fellow Welterweight World Champ Keith "One Time" Thurman for WBA supremacy on a blockbuster Premier Boxing Champions on FOX Sports Pay-Per-View event, live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.
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Charlie Horse
Charlie Horse - Month ago
He's too little but got a king Kong heart. Recognize!!!
Brandon White
Brandon White - 4 months ago
6:59 Nes' reaction to Thurman getting dropped in the 1st round. 😂😂🤣🤣
Titus Augustus
Titus Augustus - 4 months ago
Mike insulting all the callers who still backing their man thurman after defeating by not letting them callers even speak. Talking like he drunk when he not drunk over the callers while telling people to join tbv patreon 😂 I'm a Pacman and Crawford fan but I like thurman and Spence. Spence will end up to be the truth in the end maybe Crawford but Pacman on his day can beat any if them and is the only great. Mike needs to shut up and let the callers talk. About patreon Mike give ya callers respect before u talk patreon mofo!!
Kalani Lokua
Kalani Lokua - 4 months ago
Pacman victorious once again! Respect the People's Champ and the fighting Pride of the Philippines!! Mad respect to Thurman, great fight by him as well!
tinktwiceman - 4 months ago
This was entertaining just watching Nes reactions lmao. Good stuff Boxing Voice
Two Tales
Two Tales - 4 months ago
No surprise here. Enjoyed the fight.
Elias Vergessen
Elias Vergessen - 4 months ago
Nes going to have to stan Wilder double time now his boy got spanked
Mman - 4 months ago
Nes, c’mon, Bro. You knew Thurman was selling wolf tickets all along. As much as you know about the fight game, how did you co-sign that pretender??
Mman - 4 months ago
🦆🍒Joshua & now 🦆🍒Runtime😆 These duckers are being exposed one after another & I love it😆
Kinghavs - 4 months ago
Nes is a disgusting thurman fan.. 😂😂😂. Pac killed those dreams... the cherry 🍒 picked thurman this time 😂😂😂
Ryan Scarborough
Ryan Scarborough - 4 months ago
How did so many people miss that liver shot it the 10th round? It was clear as day what happened and I give Thurman mad respect for continuing after that. A lot of guys would have quit.
Titus Augustus
Titus Augustus - 4 months ago
The Boxing Voice out done by the people's champ. The voice of the people is Pacman!!! 🥊
True Colors
True Colors - 4 months ago
First time hearing you guys ..wow with a name like theboxingvoice ....you picked Thurman to win. There was a online poll i clicked.on and something like 84 to 86% picked Pac Man. Your a minority voice who picked thurman. How humiliating it must be for you with a name like the one you got. TicketTV picked right
bre m
bre m - 4 months ago
nester’s disappointing face the entire video 😂😂😂😂😂
he looks defeated 😂😂
bre m
bre m - 4 months ago
robert blake 😂
Domo Don Doom
Domo Don Doom - 4 months ago
Pac had a different type of energy . Another hop and skip in his step
AzCards PhxSuns
AzCards PhxSuns - 4 months ago
hen lee
hen lee - 4 months ago
i gave a thumbs up for Big Mike @57:52 of this podcast
rubski 1978
rubski 1978 - 4 months ago
I was going for Pacquiao but Thurman got my respect this the best ppv fight I've seen in years.
rubski 1978
rubski 1978 - 4 months ago
@Lace Hatcher u crazy Jordan ain't losing to anybody
hen lee
hen lee - 4 months ago
Glad to see your bias ass HUMBLED Nes !!!! Keep up the good work !! I ONLY watch the show to laugh at your bias of your fandom of your favorite boxers and your ignorance of the History of the sweet science..
hen lee
hen lee - 4 months ago
@Ash Totally agree Ash!! I couldn't be bothered to call in listening how Nes talks to The Boxing Voice community over the years. I would lose IQ points just trying to understand how Nes tries to twist the narrative evertime. You can't always be right Nes. I listen to heaps of podcast when the host accepts being humbled.
hen lee
hen lee - 4 months ago
@Thaboxingvoice I will Nes.. Your nemesis... Hendogg
Ash - 4 months ago
@Thaboxingvoice I'll watch with adblock. This channel has so much potential, but most people view its current biased state as a joke. You could be so much bigger with no bias. Weak mentality. Pattern up.
bre m
bre m - 4 months ago
Paul Squibbs 😂😂
NGT4LIFE - 4 months ago
No drug testing and manny looks like prime manny again..... But hey, thurman agreed to it, so he only has himself to blame.. He got destroyed.
ion j
ion j - 4 months ago
What drug test I knew that they gonna blame pac man, pac is a professional fighter so he never got tested positive, what u talking about, damn I am so disappointed
Ash - 4 months ago
@Archie 510 Vada is way more thorough than state doping tests. You can easily avoid state tests. VADA is alot harder to avoid (still possible)
Archie 510
Archie 510 - 4 months ago
@Ash yeah but they still got the required nevada doping test. Vada is just a private doping test company.
Ash - 4 months ago
@Archie 510 There was no VADA testing.
Archie 510
Archie 510 - 4 months ago
The hell you talking about no drugtest? Its a fuckin pro sport event and specially world championship! The fuck outta here you stupid simpleton
Supr3me - 4 months ago
Ness dumb ass gon cry in the car with them whack prediction as usual😂😂😂😂😂
Mars Lovejoy
Mars Lovejoy - 4 months ago
Damn that injury took whatever power Keith had. Dude is washed. Shit is sad. And no he didn't get dropped because of taking chances. Keith kept backing up straight back with his hands down like a fucking idiot and that's what got him clipped early. To be fair Manny probably was on something since he did demand there be NO DRUG TESTING and I'm thinking it was EPO which is why he didn't fade as badly as he normally does in recent years. But Keith looked washed man. Shit js sad that injuries stole a his special effects and now he's always borderline getting knocked out because he actually isn't a defensively sound boxer and now has no power. Thurman needs to just retire and appreciate everything God blessed him with because if he gets in the ring with Spence he's gonna get the treatment worst than even Mikey because atleast Mikey knows how not to get caught clean because Mikey doesn't think he's Floyd and can move like Floyd. Bro Thurman needs to stop comparing himself to Floyd. Dude is nowhere near that level offensively and damn sure not defensively and if he has people in his circle not telling him these things they don't really fuck with son like that. NYC.
Bart Gatsby
Bart Gatsby - 4 months ago
I agree with Andy Ruiz "Pacquiao can finish Keith but Pac let Thurman survive" watch?v=Vcq0CBZd6dA
adrian g
adrian g - 4 months ago
Great fight