Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman | EXCLUSIVE PRELIM BOUTS | PBC ON FOX

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Before Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman go head to head with the WBA Welterweight Championship on the line on FOX Sports Pay-Per-View, watch an exclusive live stream of the preliminary fights from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring Genisis Libranza, Carlos Maldonado, Jayar Inson, Mahonri Montes, Abel Ramos, and Jimmy Williams.
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Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman | EXCLUSIVE PRELIM BOUTS | PBC ON FOX
Runtime: 1:35:26


Boxin Records
Boxin Records - Month ago
See Manny Pacquiao Latest Knockouts 2019 here...
Channel 2
Channel 2 - Month ago
Open letter for Manny on youtube --- star of bethlehem 2029
Markdeguzman Gabriel
Markdeguzman Gabriel - 4 months ago
i like manny because before boxing he is sign of the cross
LANI Marino
LANI Marino - 4 months ago
Go pacaio
msajid aziz
msajid aziz - 4 months ago
Somebody plz tell me about the back ground music name ?
Bushak Mitch
Bushak Mitch - 4 months ago
manny paquiao: I keep my mouth shut up and let him talk. (smile)
let my fist talk in the ring (laugh)
Bushak Mitch
Bushak Mitch - 4 months ago
audience taking selfie photos enstead if clapping their hands😂😂😂
duong bui A
duong bui A - 4 months ago
Harry Torres
Harry Torres - 4 months ago
dato and gemino and gesta together with duno seems thesame style iwish they could have pacman footwork
Harry Torres
Harry Torres - 4 months ago
those style won't last in some mexican fighter or south africans they improve alot
M&M 123
M&M 123 - 4 months ago
Excellent job and good luck naseer qatar Dakar rally
bibian abing
bibian abing - 4 months ago
but who's win the fight HAHAHA you're loser bro
Fearless 777
Fearless 777 - 4 months ago
Turdman making a fool out of himself and he will experience how much of a rock paquiao really is first hand.
Cy Galceran
Cy Galceran - 4 months ago
Thurman your so stupid man please take a drungtest before your fight lol..
Crewkie Fuentes
Crewkie Fuentes - 4 months ago
So cool manny
Nora Zafra
Nora Zafra - 4 months ago
Napaka galing mo manny pacman
Danielmyr Orpiada
Danielmyr Orpiada - 4 months ago
Thurman?speed? Boy what speed you showed Saturday?you said after the weigh in pacquiao wasn’t gonna do anything to you.manny knocks you down 1 round. And you smiled like you saw god.and at the end of the day you heard boxing’s own 8 division world champion and NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WBA SUPER WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION🇵🇭😇🙏🏽MANNY PAC-MAN PACQUIAO 😁🇵🇭🥊
Abdon Santella
Abdon Santella - 4 months ago
People just don't pay attention nowadays Manny said " Boxing is his job"
Nomadunlimited - 4 months ago
Thurman got good vibes after all the talking. Hollywood must give him a shot in the movies.I know he'll do way better than other actors.
Christian Dave Anino
Christian Dave Anino - 4 months ago
Grabi'.hambog mo.pre haha.first round knock down ka eh..dimo alam na ang kamao ni manny in guided in holy spirit
Marinell Aballe
Marinell Aballe - 4 months ago
Just curious, what is the purpose of putting an ice pack right behind the below the head?
Vadim Antonov
Vadim Antonov - 4 months ago
допизделся в итоге )
Catrina Cruz
Catrina Cruz - 4 months ago
PACMAN: I am friendly outside the ring.In the ring I have to proved something...To show my talent. I am not a talker but I am a talker in action.
THURMAN: I know he like to quote bible verses so I let you know he'll be crucified.

God always lift up people who humbled themselves.
Filipinos🇵🇭 the more you challenge them, the more you belittle them, the more they will work hard, the more they will proved you are wrong.🇵🇭
Babylove Pascual
Babylove Pascual - 4 months ago
Keith no more #Onetime boi 😂😂
InPizda Matii
InPizda Matii - 4 months ago
Mona Ranti
Mona Ranti - 4 months ago
This is not Pacman! !!!you just using him to your caption for the sake of many viewers😈😈😈😈
devean eir
devean eir - 4 months ago
Keith thurman forget that pacquiao is not a champion. He is a warrior....
Lil_ Chocoo
Lil_ Chocoo - 4 months ago
Go savage manny
HikariHoop QWERTY
HikariHoop QWERTY - 4 months ago
"Manny Pacquiao beat the whole new generation of Welterweights. Thats ridiculous"
-Danny Garcia
AKO SI PUSSIE - 4 months ago
Thurman trashtalked again
Noor-Hasnie Pngctn
Noor-Hasnie Pngctn - 4 months ago
Thurman: i cant wait to punch you.
1st round knocked down.😂😂😂😂