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StreamingVideoProvider is an all-in-one video platform for business. We help organizations of all sizes publish, protect and monetize their live and on-demand video content.
In this tutorial, Rene shows you how to set up Pay Per View videos on your own.
If you follow these step-by-step instructions, you’ll be on your way to earning money with videos on your social media and websites. Maybe you’re thinking that you could simply create a paid Qolorilasy Channel and start earning. However, it isn’t that simple nor is it very profitable. But fret not! This video will show you exactly how to monetize videos without 10000 views or annoying ads by creating a Pay Per View website.
Unlike other video sharing platforms, StreamingVideoProvider allows you to keep 100% of your profits and 100% of your rights. Zero commission, zero hassle. Earning from your video has never been easier. Not to mention that you get paid immediately. Simply set the cost of each ticket and when your viewer pays, you get paid.
So, if you want to learn how to stream live PPV events, manage your Pay Per View on WordPress, and monetize your videos, we’ve got you covered.
Have questions? Leave us a comment on Qolorilasy or send us a message on the website:
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Robert Falls
Robert Falls - Year ago
what do you mean set up a pay pal playlist?i have an account but could you be totally specific???-thanks!
cinematic comics channel
cinematic comics channel - 11 months ago
I'll check it out-thanks!@Deyan Shkodrov
Deyan Shkodrov
Deyan Shkodrov - Year ago
Hi Robert, This is an old video. Please watch the updated one here and get in touch with us via the live chat on our website in case you have more questions.
aloha - Year ago
i think google also provide play per view
Deyan Shkodrov
Deyan Shkodrov - Year ago
Only for selected partners and with many limitations. If you have online courses, live webinars etc that you wish to sell to your audience, we offer the best solution where you can set the price and collect 100% of the revenue for yourself. More here
jean claude dery
jean claude dery - 2 years ago
when i click on publish and preview after when i click on exemple mini tv live showing a short video but i dont see load template
Armaan - 2 years ago
I thought u need to film it?
fatboyjoker 67
fatboyjoker 67 - 2 years ago
dont work
fatboyjoker 67
fatboyjoker 67 - 2 years ago
bullshit dont work
truthwillrule X
truthwillrule X - 2 years ago
how is that even possible? how can you charge people how much you wanna charge per view? who is going to pay this money?
RedroomStudios - 2 years ago
you need to have content that people want to watch obviously. like for me I video car races and then I put it on a dvd and people buy it for $10 each week. but I have some customers who would rather have access to a digital version of my videos instead of dvd so they will pay to watch it through a service such as this.
kristi - 2 years ago
usually from advertising I'm on another livestream site and it works.
Lemuel Fangonon
Lemuel Fangonon - 3 years ago
Do I need bank account before using this on my website?
Deyan Shkodrov
Deyan Shkodrov - Year ago
All you need is PayPal account where you will receive all the payments directly from your buyers plus we do not take any commission. This is what it makes our service unique. For more info visit out website at
business proposal
business proposal - 3 years ago
Discover how I make well over $100 per day using my CPA METHOD!
Just Google *"chriseo online money machine"*, sign up for free and contact me to set you properly
Dean Hannabuss
Dean Hannabuss - 2 years ago
business proposal w
SuperMagnetMan - 3 years ago
I have used these people for years and my ONLY complaint - is a big one - for reasons that cannot be explained they do not believe in 24/7 service and only work 40 hours out of a 168 hour week so if anything happens that shuts down their site after hours, you have to wait until the next day to get anything back up and running. It is a real killer for trying to use their PPV service.
SirMalikCobra - 4 months ago
Does it shut down often?
william badillo
william badillo - 4 years ago
can i change the dollar to usa dollar? also do you guys offer domain names and web hosting?
Jerold Fritz
Jerold Fritz - 4 years ago
I have been using StreamingVideoProvider for a while to sell my videos. Their ppv features are just awesome.
caroblume31 - 5 years ago
Sounds great, but I can't open the website!!
StreamingVideoProvider - 4 years ago
Hi caroblume31, The website is always operational. Which location are you opening it from? PS: you can try any of our other domains such as .com .de etc.
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood - 5 years ago
Sandro Elie
Sandro Elie - 5 years ago
C9 Leoni
C9 Leoni - 5 years ago