Best and Easy way to Stream Live PPV Events for FREE. 2018👍 ✔

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In this video I will show you an amazing addon that you will be able to stream live PPV Events for FREE.👍✔
You need Kodi before you start:
Thanks for watching and please be safe while you stream..
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gunshy31 - 8 months ago
Hi everyone please add me on my new channel Gunshy ASMR.
I will no longer be using this channel.. I would be truly grateful. God Bless.
Gary Edmonds
Gary Edmonds - 5 months ago
Some of the UFC stuff aren't working, especially bellator and, Tuesday night contender
Wagwan Piftinn
Wagwan Piftinn - 28 days ago
It says couldn’t retrieve directory information
Papakõlea Asing
Papakõlea Asing - Month ago
Is it me or is Loki not working now?
Please help!
UFC 244 is today!!
Mr Sickfck
Mr Sickfck - Month ago
will it have ufc 244?
urie p.
urie p. - Month ago
Will it stream ufc fights?
NAKEDTRUTH2012 - Month ago
Doesn’t work
Raphael M
Raphael M - 2 months ago
I have no add on link in settings?
Angel bluerider
Angel bluerider - 2 months ago
Kodi take to dam long and freezes my fire tv. apks and sport websites better then kodi.
Edgar Arias
Edgar Arias - 3 months ago
Wow! 🙌🏽
Seiko X
Seiko X - 3 months ago
Arr the servers down? Does not work for me
Steven Martinez
Steven Martinez - 3 months ago
I did everything but nothing is in live ppv events. Can someone please help
Jay Mac
Jay Mac - 3 months ago
This sucks ... the stream constantly cuts out
Jordan Kidd
Jordan Kidd - 3 months ago
Thank you so so much god bless you
Willie Baynard
Willie Baynard - 4 months ago
Do you have a video on the 2019 NFL ticket
Basketball junky Game
Basketball junky Game - 2 months ago
Willie Baynard if your on Xbox you can go to Microsoft edge , Type in NFL streams Reddit and you can stream any football team you like even red zone Quality is 100% perfect no buffing at all enjoy ! Ps It doesn’t have to be Xbox you can do it on your computer go to Google and type in the same thing or you can even do it on your phone enjoy the season
Willie Baynard
Willie Baynard - 4 months ago
Asking you how can we watch the NFL
jose luis martinez
jose luis martinez - 4 months ago
Thankyou very much for the info!
A Cast
A Cast - 4 months ago
Error: dependency on version failed.
mikey joe
mikey joe - 4 months ago
Thanks for the video! Working great 👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👊 [edit] you sound sexy as hell 😍😍
Doña Carmen Morales
Doña Carmen Morales - 5 months ago
Today I downloaded Loki and clicked on the live ppv events option and there's nothing. What happened?
gunshy31 - 5 months ago
Hi there, ppv events are on only when its live. It's only for boxing, wrestling and ufc.
Mike Butler
Mike Butler - 5 months ago
Work GREAT......
Brian Hubis
Brian Hubis - 7 months ago
No links are coming up.
Bdub Wilson
Bdub Wilson - 7 months ago
Anybody know how to see free smack events
Patrick Pellesier
Patrick Pellesier - 7 months ago
lol thats why im here
AlonSOAMAZING - 7 months ago
I downloaded it accordingly and I put live ppv events and the only thing that pops up is the blank folder
AlonSOAMAZING - 7 months ago
Yes i was trying to watch the estrada rungvisai rematch which is live right now
gunshy31 - 7 months ago
This is only for live Sports events. That are scheduled accordingly to the date. For example Boxing, Wrestling, UFC and etc..
kiersten Diehl
kiersten Diehl - 7 months ago
Hey do u know were i can watch ppv battle rap or free?
Bdub Wilson
Bdub Wilson - 7 months ago
Trying wacth that Goodz vs Cass
Jazz Nasim
Jazz Nasim - 7 months ago
This is brilliant... Followed the steps and now working just fine. Thank you :)
Joel Francis
Joel Francis - 7 months ago
Good video
WyteIslandDude - 7 months ago
Very good quality streaming! This is the only version working for me now so thank you
Willie Baynard
Willie Baynard - 7 months ago
What do I install the tonight pay-per-view women's boxing
Gaddis The Great
Gaddis The Great - 8 months ago
Blessings everyone! Does this work for ppv battle rap events?
Irish Wilsdon
Irish Wilsdon - 6 months ago
Gaddis The Great supposedly KOTD PPV events arent on it... but URL is
Bdub Wilson
Bdub Wilson - 7 months ago
Trying to wacth the Goodz vs Cass
Gaddis The Great
Gaddis The Great - 8 months ago
I Appreciate that take care
gunshy31 - 8 months ago
Hi there unfortunately, it's more for sports live events.
Ross C. Ferraro
Ross C. Ferraro - 8 months ago
Do links only show when there is a live event?
gunshy31 - 8 months ago
Yes only when there's a live event.